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The UK is leaving the European Union (probably) on 29th March 2019.  As a UK based company dealing with European chemicals regulations this clearly impacts some of the work we do and can have major implications for our clients.

For us the biggest impacts are for our Only Representative services and for our clients it will be the import/export relationship between the UK and the EU and what this means for current and future registrations.

The politics of BREXIT are complicated and we cannot know the final picture until any prospective deals are finalised and passed through the respective parliaments, but the possible outcomes can be distilled into two main scenarios:

  • The UK leaves with a deal in place: in this case it seems likely that the transition arrangements would mean that REACH will apply as it does now until December 2020.
  • The UK leaves with no deal: EU REACH will no longer apply in the UK. ECHA have some preliminary FAQs on how no deal might affect registrations from the EU side on their website and HSE have recently published some thoughts on what might happen from the UK side.

What are BCS doing?

We have moved forward with our contingency planning and our new company, BCS Only Representative Services Ltd is now ready to begin trading in the Republic of Ireland within Q4 2018 – this will enable us to continue providing Only Representative coverage both in the EU and the UK whatever the outcome of BREXIT.

What are we advising our clients?

We understand that deciding when or whether to move your OR appointments (or REACH registrations) will not be a simple matter as there are many issues and uncertainties still to be resolved by both the EU and the UK.  Therefore, we are continuing to advocate that it is not generally the best course of action to undertake transfers at this time but you should evaluate your position and be prepared to act in early 2019 in the event of a “no deal” BREXIT. 

We aim to expand and update the information on this page over the coming weeks as well as on our blog posts.  We hope it will be useful to you as we navigate the uncertainties that BREXIT has introduced.  If you want to talk anything through in more detail please feel free to contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to chat to you.