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Our company has been providing consultancy services to the chemical industry for over 20 years and with this reputation we can offer our wealth of knowledge to assist with chemical regulatory issues faced by companies on a day-to-day basis.    

REACH Only Representative

We have long experience with both REACH Only Representative and the preceding NONS Sole Representative schemes and have well-honed systems in place to ensure REACH compliance as an Only Representative. Selecting an OR which is right for your company is an important process and many factors should be taken into consideration not just price. We pride ourselves on delivering an Only Representative service which our clients can be confident will work for them. We cannot express the importance of communication; an effective OR should always be in communication with their client (or customers). Read more.


REACH Registration Services

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • preparation of REACH registration strategy
  • preparation of REACH registration dossiers within IUCLID
  • preparation of Chemical Safety Reports/Exposure Assessments using CHESAR
  • test programme management
  • read-across strategies
  • preparation of substance/mixture classification and labelling under CLP

We have extensive knowledge of the joint submission process within the REACH regulation, submitting REACH registrations as the Lead Registrant or as a member of a joint REACH registrant dossier. The role of Lead Registrant under REACH involves extensive communication with other potential registrants and needs a company with excellent record-keeping – this is where BCS can help. BCS have developed all the necessary administration processes which need be followed to ensure that our role as a Lead Registrant complies with the requirements under REACH; our clients are kept updated throughout this process and informed when their input may be required.


Safety Data Sheets/Extended Safety Data Sheet

With the introduction of REACH, the preparation of a safety data sheet has become more important than ever.  

What we can offer:

  • SDS authoring service - recommended to clients who are unsure how to produce the SDS/extended SDS required in accordance with REACH
  • SDS review service  - recommended for clients which possess existing SDSs and require advice where changes may needed to comply with the latest regulatory requirements 
  • Extended SDS review service  - recommended for clients where they have received an extended SDS from their supplier and they are unsure if they can comply with the information received or how to use the information in preparing their own product SDSs 


Exposure and risk assessment

This is an essential part of the Chemical Safety Report required under REACH.  We have experience conducting detailed human health and environmental exposure assessments with risk characterisation using CHESAR (preferred tool by ECHA).  More complex risk assessments may involve the use of other software packages to complete the assessment required under REACH and this is where we can use our knowledge to select the appropriate tools to complete the assessment.